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Thank you for checking out Convicted Clothing's on-line store. Convicted Clothing is "Art From Behind The Walls". Every piece you see here is an original hand drawn piece from an Incarcerated Artist. Each piece bears the Artist's signature and the name of the Institution he/she was in when the piece was created. These Artist's have nothing but time on their hands to perfect their skills and that fact is evident in the quality of the art you will see within these pages. We receive artwork from the prison systems throughout the U.S., so check back often and see whats new from Convicted Clothing.

If you like Orange County Choppers, West Coast Choppers, Choppers Inc. or if your just into really Cool art , we are confident that we have something in our on-line store for you. Whether its Motocross, Street Cruisers, or Lowrider's , there is no denying that this art is unlike anything that the standard apparel manufacturers are currently marketing.

Our Mission:

Convicted Clothing is a company with a cause!!! We are on a mission to pay it forward. Started and operated by me, Adam and my wife, Mindy. I am an ex-convict who was given a chance to turn my life around. Now its time to pay it forward!!

We would like to see a portion of all proceeds from the sale of Convicted Clothing goods be allocated in the form of a donation to an organization that aids in the relief for victims of violent crime and Children of the Incarcerated. We need your help and support to do so.

In addition, Our goal is to open Life Training Facilities one day for our Artist's to parole into. We would like to give them the same opportunity that was afforded to Me to become a productive member of society.

Please Join us in our mission to pay it forward!!!